Human & Civil Rights Committee


Chairperson: Afshan Mohammad


Secretary: Karen Acklin-Williams



Meetings: Fourth Tuesdays Monthly 

See AEA Calendar for varied meeting locations.


The Human and Civil Rights Committee has many goals:

1. This group of AEA members meets regularly to serve as champions for social justice and advocates for underrepresented individuals in our community.


2. With a minority majority, this group accepts all members without regard to race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin. 


3. Members will have opportunities for courageous conversations about race and equity issues impacting our association, schools, community, and students. 


4. The team will promote diversity in AEA representation, encourage minority involvement, and recruit minority leadership in Anchorage Education Association.


5. Members will have opportunities for affiliate grants in order to fund travel to minority caucus and affiliate leadership trainings.


6. The team will develop social justice and racial equity trainings for AEA members by AEA members while bringing in partners from community coalitions.


7. Members will partner with individuals, affiliates, and external organizations which have advanced the cause of human and civil rights within the community.


8. Members will join coalitions in our community to facilitate action and affect change. 


9. The team will nominate individuals for recognition in the annual NEA-Alaska Human and Civil Rights Awards and annual NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards.