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Want to be rated Exemplary?  Upload Artifacts for Your Evaluation!
In order to be considered exemplary, you may want to provide documentation to your administrator on your off stage components in Domain 1 & 4.  Everyone should have gotten a training on how to upload artifacts into Oasys for our evaluations. 
Here is how:
Go to ASD Employee website.
At the bottom, click on Oasys.
On the left, click on My Evaluation.
Then click on Artifacts.
This brings you to a page where you fill in the information asked for as well as attach your document.
Then press save, and you are done with submitting that artifact.  Educators are encouraged to submit 3-5 artifacts, so you will go through this process for each artifact.

Evaluation Input Forms

As educators, we are able to fill out ASD Input forms in order to provide feedback for our colleagues (both educators and administration).  Everyone loves positive feedback, so please consider getting online and bragging about educators or administrators in your building.

Where are the input forms?

From the ASD website, click on “Parents.” Then click on the 2nd item from the top “Teacher and Administrator Evaluation.” Click either Teacher or Administrator and fill out the form provided.  This is an anonymous way to provide feedback. You can also click here for a current printable form. 

Leaving ASD Prior to the End of the School Year?

Breach of contract continues to be the single-most prevalent complaint that the Professional Teaching Practice Commission (PTPC) sees. When you sign a contract, you are making a commitment to not only the school district, but to your students to remain for the entire school year. Leaving before the school year is over causes difficulties for the school district as well as disruption for your students. If extenuating circumstances come up that necessitate you leaving employment mid-year, please talk with the district office early on. However, districts are under no obligation to release you from your contract. Typical sanction imposed by the Commission for a breach of contract violation is a one-year suspension of your certificate. In addition, some districts impose their own penalties (generally financial) for breach of contract. 

This newsletter was brought to you by the AEA Evaluation Committee: Mary Janis, Cindy Trawicki, Janet Rozema, Susan Ritter, Christine Zelinsky, Drew Harmon, Glenn Wright and Erin Donohue-Boyer.

(End April 2017 Newsletter)


Thank YOU!

Thank you to the nearly 900 educators that filled out the AEA Evaluation Committee Member Survey! The information you have given will be a great asset to keeping members’ rights, interests and concerns as a priority when we meet with ASD. We hope to share some of the survey information highlights with you soon.

February 15th is Here

Non-tenured teacher evaluations are to be completed by February 15th . If a member is rated with two or more ‘basic’ or one or more ‘unsatisfactory’, then the person is to be put on a Plan of Professional Growth or a Plan of Improvement. It is highly recommended that members on Plans request an AEA/ASD Instructional Improvement Coach. This service is free and confidential. Instructional Improvement Coaches are different that the ASD Instructional Coaches that work in buildings. Instructional Improvement Coaches are your colleagues, who have been specifically trained by AEA on mentoring, evaluations, teacher rights and how to work with evaluation plans. To request a coach contact

AEA/ASD Cohort Opportunities

The EEJC (Educational Excellence Joint Committee) supports the ASD/AEA Cohort program as the official program to meet education professional learning community needs. If you are interested in becoming part of a cohort, please contact Belinda Sessions,

All Your Questions Answered

Please remember that the Certificated Employee Evaluation Document (CEED) has all the answers to your evaluation questions. You can find the CEED at both the ASD website or the AEA website.


Please take our Evaluation Survey:


Below you will find the same newsletter distributed last month. We are getting many questions about issues that are answered in the below newsletter. Please review for more information:


Vol 1 No 1 September 2016

·      Teachscape has been replaced by Oasys/Frontline which is accessed through MLP.

·      All educators must be trained on the evaluation system by Sept 30th this year. Trainings must be face to face in whole school or small group settings.

·      To find locate further important ASD Evaluation information, including the Certificated Employee Evaluation Document (CEED), go to Support Central found on the ASD website- Employee page or this link:

IMPORTANT!!  Self-Reflection Form and Conference Info:

·      All educators will be required to complete a Self-Reflection Form this Year and all will be required to attend a Beginning of the Year Conference.  Beginning of the Year Conferences must be held by Oct 15.

·      Educators must select 1 or 2 Areas of Focus from the Self-Reflection Form.  The district will be requiring a focus on 1b an 2a.  Teachers may choose these as their area of focus or they may choose something else. The “Teacher Notes” comments section at the bottom of the form is OPTIONAL. You are not required to write comments in that box (such as why you are choosing specific areas and what your plan is).  You can simply choose 1-2 areas and submit the form.

·      Choosing an area of focus doesn’t mean you are deficient or in some way need to work on that area- it means you are interested in focusing/delving more deeply into that area. In fact, AEA strongly encourages educators to never state or put in writing that you are basic or somehow deficient in an area.  You are assumed proficient unless the evidence gathered shows otherwise.

·      Principals are required to fill out a Beginning of the Year form for the conference.  They will select 1-2 Areas of Focus for you.  Between the area(s) you and the principal choose, you should not have more than 4 Areas of Focus.  These are NOT goals. Remember you’re already proficient in these areas. There is no required outcome except that you spend time this year reflecting more on these areas.  IF you are wanting to become exemplary in your area of focus, then you will need to provide evidence as such.

·      Principals have been asked to dialogue with you about the Areas of Focus at the Beginning of the Year Conference.  You may be asked why you chose the area(s) you did and what you plan to do with the Areas of Focus.  Be prepared to answer these, keeping in mind that if you aren’t on a Plan, you are already proficient. These can be areas that simply peak your interest, or something the district is already taking on as an initiative so you plan to do that as well, etc..  **Stating that you need to work on or need to strengthen these areas, etc. gives the principal evidence that you may not be proficient.

·      Educators will be required to acknowledge (sign by submitting) the Beginning of the Year Conference Form created by the principal.  Some principals may create the form and send it to you for review before you acknowledge/sign. Some principals may complete the form at the conference in front of you. If you are on an Evaluation Plan, please make sure your rights advocate has reviewed the form BEFORE you hit the acknowledge/submit button.

·      Should you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the AEA Evaluation Committee members or your building rep.

The AEA Evaluation Committee consists of AEA educators that volunteer their time to assist in working with ASD to create procedures, as well as review/edit, and monitor the ASD Evaluation process as it pertains to educator rights and effective teaching practices.  The committee also runs the ASD Instructional Coaching Program. All AEA Evaluation Committee members also serve on the Educational Excellence Joint Committee (EEJC).  EEJC oversees the AEA/ASD Mentor and Instructional Coach programs.

Mary Janis, Co Chair            Cindy Trawicki, Co-Chair            Janet Rozema, Member           Susan Ritter, Member
Janice Strickland, Member     Christine Zelinsky, Member     Erin Donohue Boyer, Instructional Coach Coordinator






Chairperson(s): Cindy Trawicki & Mary Janis
Contact: &

The Evaluation Committee works to improve the evaluation system used by the Anchorage School District.