Evaluation Committee


Chairperson(s): Cindy Trawicki & Mary Janis
Contact: trawicki_cindy@asdk12.org & janis_mary@asdk12.org

Section N. Evaluation Committee
1. Committee members are appointed by the AEA President.
2. Committee members represent the members’ best interest in the development, implementation, training and ongoing review of the AEA/ASD Evaluation Process, Procedures and Policies:
    a. The Certificated Employee Evaluation Document,
    b. All forms used in the evaluation of any member,
    c. The platform for which the evaluation is implemented,
    d. Suggestions for negotiated agreements/MOA’s,
    e. Community/student/teacher input forms, and
    f. Member support services that may be offered to educators on evaluation plans,
3. The committee will inform, update, and train members on the evaluation process and any other item related to a member’s evaluation (not to preclude ASD’s responsibilities).
4. The committee shall keep abreast of educator evaluation issues at the state and national level in regard to such areas as legislation, certification, tenure and general trends.
5. The committee will work in conjunction with the AEA Educational Excellence Joint Committee to create, implement and oversee all Mentoring, Evaluation Support Coaching, Onboarding, Orientation, and Induction Programs involving members.
6. Committee members will serve as a resource to the Employee Rights and Bargaining Committees regarding evaluations.
7. The committee will assist members, building reps, and Uniserv Directors with questions, concerns, and potential problems.
8. Committee members recognize State Statute AS 14.20.149 section H requiring confidentiality with regard to educator evaluations. Confidentiality of all discussions and associated activities related to evaluations will be preserved.