Bargaining Team

Teri Jensen.jpg

Teri Jensen
Bartlett High School
Fine Arts
Tier 2
23 years experience
I wanted to be on the bargaining team to be more involved with the process, grow as an educator and get out of my comfort zone!




Nancy Neil.jpg

Nancy Neil
7th Grade Social Studies
Hanshew Middle School
18 years experience
I have been an ASD teacher for 18 years and a building representative for 13 years. I have 9 years of teaching at Hanshew Middle school as a Social Studies teacher. I have also taught at William Tyson, Abbott Loop and Hanshew Middle school. I have also coached tennis, volleyball and track.
I have lived in Anchorage for 34 years and have been involved with our community in many different ways. I have also worked in the private sector.  I feel ASD is at a turning point. Teachers have been asked to do more and more each year. It is time for ASD educators stand up for a fair contract, be treated with respect and make a great learning environment for our students.

Mike Risinger.jpg

Mike Risinger
Service High School
Math and Photography
Tier 3
14 years experience
I attended Gladys Wood, Mears, and Dimond. I did my internships at Bartlett and Mears and have been teaching at Service for seven years. I’m currently on the displaced list. My certificate is in Business Education and I’ve been teaching Math and Photography. I’m a Public Affairs Specialist with the Alaska Army National Guard. I’m proud to be representing all of you on my first contract as part of the AEA bargaining team.


Michaela Kolerok.png

Michaela Kolerok
Kincaid Elementary
Life Skills
Tier 3
4 years experience
I wanted to be a member of the bargaining team to advocate for teachers who are tier three like me as well as represent the unique concerns of those us us working in special education.  I am a lifelong Alaskan and graduate of the Anchorage School District. My husband and I rescue animals and are foster parents to one of my former students.