Employee Rights Committee



These two hour trainings are meant to provide an overview of the AEA-ASD Negotiated Contract, common misconceptions, assistance in navigating the contract and frequently asked questions and issues.

October 12th, 2018 - AEA Office





You have the right to union representation...but only if you ask for it!

It is the right of an employee to have a union representative present at a meeting with the employer if the employee has a reasonable expectation that discipline may result.

The Weingarten Rule

  • The right to representation only comes when the employee requests it. Management does not have to advise you of your rights.

  • An employee may not unilaterally leave the interview/meeting to seek representation contrary to the supervisor’s orders.

    • Avoid being accused of  non-compliance or insubordination.

    • Plan ahead and have a Rights Representative present.

    • If necessary, you could politely ask if the meeting might pause at this time and be rescheduled at another time.

  • An employer cannot require substituting one designated union representative for another representative.

  • Time should be provided to consult with a representative before the investigative meeting.

    • Be open with your representative. Show the letter if you received one.

  • The right to a representative only applies in situations where an employee reasonably expects disciplinary action could result.

  • The employer has no duty to bargain with any union representative at the investigative interview.

Who is My Representative?

  • Your “AEA Building Rep” is not the same as an “AEA Employee Rights Rep.”

  • Building Reps provide a connection to the RepCouncil, AEA governance, and general information for you to reach committees and services in your Association.

  • For a minor meeting such as a quick pop-in with your administrator who has a few questions, you can ask any member from your building to join you. However, it is advised that you contact someone who has completed the two-day AEA Employee Rights Training--meaning they are “Rights-Trained” Representatives.

  • In more serious matters, you should contact your designated AEA Rights Representative from the Rights Contact list.



2017-2018 Employee Rights Brochure

Chairperson: Tamara Jones

The Rights Committee assists the President and UniServ directors in exploring and processing grievances. This committee also works to educate members on the contract. 

The Rights Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at the AEA Office at 4:30pm.