Delegate Assembly

DA List 2018

The election will take place online, opening September 24 and closing 5 PM on September 28.

AEA At Large Director Candidate Bios

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Misty Nelson

I was an Elementary Gen Ed teacher for the past nine years, and am now an Elementary Librarian. I have attended two DAs and two RAs. I am currently most involved in AEA's PD and EEJC committees. Since the fall of 2017, I have attended nearly all School Board meetings, and I attended all Open Bargaining sessions prior to this month. It is my intent to represent my AEA colleagues and to advocate that the voices of all educators are heard before our administration. It is my belief that the only rights we have are the rights we fight for. (truncated at 100 words)

Mike Risinger

Mike Risinger, an Anchorage School District graduate, has a business administration degree with a minor in computer science and a master of arts in teaching. He taught high school math and photography for 7 years at Service High and is now teaching math and photography at Mirror Lake Junior High. He is currently a member of the union bargaining team and a 6 year delegate for the NEA delegate assembly. Mike is also a public affairs specialist for the Alaska Army National Guard. He is a TRS Tier 3 member.


Christi Sitz

Hi! My name is Christi and I would appreciate your vote for AEA Member At Large.  I am committed to sharing information about our organization with its membership.  I have served on the board in the past as a MAL and truly enjoyed being apart of a committed group of leaders.  I am currently serving as a co-chair of our AEA PACE Committee.  Please vote for Christi!


Jacob Berg

Hi, my name is Jacob Berg. I am just starting my sixth year of teaching and my fifth year of being active with AEA. My focus has been on governmental relations on the PACE committee for both AEA and NEA-Alaska. My goals are to ensure that we have a strong union in these troubled times, to make sure that we elect allies in our city and state governments, and to fix our broken retirement plan. I would love to have your vote!


Bryce Purcella

Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. I have eight years experience teaching science. As Co-founder/Administrator of the AK Teachers United Facebook page, I am uniquely qualified to act as a liaison. I have expertise working in communications and am preoccupied with common sense solutions and the word “action.” As somebody new, I provide fresh perspectives on union policy and action. I’m not afraid to express my opinions or the opinions of those I represent. I am willing to shake things up, change, or work around established procedures and policies to achieve desired outcomes. Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Delegate Assembly Candidates

Elizabeth          Babylon

Jacob               Berg

Sasha               Bowden

Todd                 Burningham

Carly                Calace

Tamara            Flores

Debbie              Graves

Margaret          Jones

Brad                 Kirr

Michaela          Kolerok

Jackie              Lannon

Jennifer            Lorenz

Margaret          McDonagh

Bryce               Purcella

Adam               Reid

Michelle            Wagner

Crystal              Whitney

Jessica             Winn

Charles             Zimmer

Naomi              Chythlook

Casey               Chatwell

From our current bylaws:


Section A. Election; Term of Office

  1. The members of the AEA Board of Directors shall automatically be delegates to the NEA- Alaska, Inc. Delegate Assembly. Other candidates for the position of delegate to the Assembly must have been active in the local Association for at least one (1) year prior to seeking the nomination. Nominations shall be submitted in writing to the President as specified in the Delegate Assembly election guidelines published each fall by the AEA. Voting on the candidates individually shall be by secret ballot.

  2. All candidates shall be notified as to the results of an election within three (3) working days following said election.

  3. The term of office for an elected delegate shall be for three (3) years.

  4. Those alternates seated as delegates shall serve for only the session for which they were elected.

Section B. Duties of Delegates (1987)

  1. Each delegate shall attend all sessions of AEA Policy Assembly, all AEA Delegate Caucus meetings held prior to or during Delegate Assembly, and all sessions of the NEA-Alaska Delegate Assembly which occur during the term for which s/he was elected.

  2. Unexcused absence from any one session shall be reason to declare that seat vacant.

  3. The President may fill such vacancies in accordance with the NEA-Alaska Bylaws.