Last-chance Rally/Testimony for the summer

Last-chance Rally/Testimony for the summer

Congratulations, AEA members and thank you! As a result of your organizing and community engagement, along with your NEA-Alaska brothers and sisters throughout the state, the Alaska Legislature has not only early funded education, but also increased education spending for the first time in four years! Make no mistake about it - WE DID THIS!!!

The ASD School Board has met and the District still has not contacted AEA to resume bargaining. The School Board is meeting again this upcoming Monday. Let's be there to tell them IT'S TIME FOR A FAIR AND REASONABLE CONTRACT!  

This is a busy, busy time of year (we know!), but we are gaining momentum! Members can feel it and are contacting me to continue our pressure.  We are listening. We do hear you!

This will be the last chance before we disperse for the summer to come together in solidarity in support of a FAIR AND REASONABLE CONTRACT!!! ...and if we don't get one before the current contract expires on June 30th, they can look forward to more of the same in the fall!!!


E Northern Lights Blvd
Picket @ 5:30pm 5530  
School Board Meeting @ 7:00pm