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Tentative Agreement has been REACHED!

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Tentative Agreement has been REACHED!

AEA Members,

I hope you didn't feel like you were on pins and needles too long:)  Since the agreement was made so late last night, and the office staff had long gone home, many of the edits in the agreement were hand written.  Today, we needed time to type, proofread, dot I's and cross T's, etc.  I apologize if, in our effort to get this to you quickly, some typos still remain.  


Additionally, the Bargaining Team had to present the TA to the AEA Board of Directors this evening before it was publicized. Here are some highlights, along with the TA (attached). We will produce and distribute a more thorough summary as soon as we can and as we learn from your questions.


It was due in large part to our activism and solidarity that our bargaining team was able to secure these terms.  Thank you to all who are part of AEA governance, attended school board meetings and open bargaining sessions, wrote letters and emails, rallied, picketed, informed your neighbors, wore purple and red, and participated in any number of other activities such as grade-ins!  Thank you also, to the members of our bargaining team: Corey Aist (Chair), Brian Nelson (Spokesman), Karen Grey-Levine, Teri Jensen, Michaela Kolerok, Nancy Neil, Mike Risinger, Lynda VanWinkle, and our UniServ Directors Val Baffone and Debbie Omstead. They put in the time, but it's your support that fueled their countless hours of determined work on your behalf!  Collectively, WE ALL made this happen!  


In accordance with our by-laws, ratification voting will be held electronically from December 3-5. Between now and then, we look forward to the discussion and professional dialogue the TA is sure to inspire. We are in the process of scheduling at least three member meetings over the week of  November 26-30 and will notify you of the details as soon as we have secured the locations.  I encourage everyone to attend at least one of the meetings to hear the discussion and ask questions.


In Solidarity,

Tom Klaameyer

AEA President



TA Summary:


Duration - 615

This is a three year contract.


Academic Freedom - 402 and 450

New language protecting educators' abilities to create an appropriate learning environment based on their students' needs, including allowing play, physical activity, supplementing teaching materials, and adjusting lessons and assessment.


Additionally, principals will no longer be able to regularly collect lesson plans unless on a plan or have documented performance concerns.


Creation of a new joint committee to ensure educator voice is included when the district is considering a change of practice, program, or services.  For accountability this also requires plans for implementation and evaluation of program effectiveness.


***Letter of Understanding (in appendix)

Guarantee that the new Instructional Program Input Process will be implemented within 60 days of the contract being approved and the first order of business will be an examination of the elementary English Language Arts program.  Training will be provided by the FMCS to ensure commitment to genuine input, consensus decision making, and facilitation of committee work.


***Letter of Understanding (in appendix)

The creation of a mid-level schedule review process focusing on the design utilizing 5 teaching periods.  To provide accountability to members and the public, the committee will include eight AEA members, seven district representatives, and a member of the community.  Decisions will be made by consensus, have mandatory reporting out so that progress and group decisions cannot be misrepresented, and timelines to ensure timely completion of the work - by Jan. 15, 2019. Committee recommendations for implementation in the 2019-20 school year.


Salary - 105 and 110

Year 1 - Everyone will get a second step increase this year. See the chart in Article 110 demonstrating, but essentially we are adding an additional step to the pay scale, removing the current zero step, and renumbering.  The result is that everyone will get a $1,300 pay raise this year (retroactive to the beginning of the year, but paid over the remainder of the year.)  Also, the in-lieu-of-step bonus will be increased to $1,300 (from $1,000), retroactive as well.


Year 2 - Salary schedule increased by 2%. In-lieu bonus of $1,300.


Year 3 - Salary schedule increased by 2% again. In-lieu bonus of $1,300.


Health - 205

Year 1 - $1.9 million deposited into the AEA health reserve fund in order to help offset future premium increases.


Year 2 - District's monthly health contribution increased by $50/month.


Addenda - 150 and 155

Level I addenda increased to $1,000.


New Building Induction Liaison (Level I addendum) position created at every school.


Increased Level I addenda positions at elementary schools increased from 7 to 8.


Special Ed - 403

Compensation for meetings during non-duty hours starting at the end of the work day (or after only 15 minutes, depending on how one flexes their day before and after school.)


Increased training opportunities, including during the duty day.


Increased release time to complete administrative tasks and assessment.


Assurances that essential equipment and personal protective equipment be provided to keep educators safe.


Additional training and accountability in handling violent or disruptive students to keep other students and staff safe.


Better enforcement of SpEd laws, regulations, and policies.  We will now be able to grieve violations of the rules!


Membership - 719 and 720

Changes as a result of the Janus Supreme Court Ruling, eliminating agency fee.


Improved participation and communication with AEA in regards to members, especially new hires.