Renew our public presence: Attend and testify at a School Board meeting!

Renew our public presence: Attend and testify at a School Board meeting!

To testify, sign up online (Click Here to sign up) or in person before the meeting.  We need as many members as possible to tell their stories! Professionally and respectfully inform the school board what it would take in the contract to demonstrate that they value and respect educators. Don't be nervous - we are the experts - we speak for a living!

THESE SCHOOLS ATTEND the Board Meeting THIS Monday, January 8th @ 7pm:

  • High Schools: Bartlett, South
  • Middle Schools: Mears, Hanshew, Mirror Lake, Wendler
  • Elementary Schools: Airport Heights, Bayshore, Gladys Wood, Kincaid, Klatt, O'Malley, Ocean View, Ptarmigan, Rabbit Creek, Taku, Sand Lake, Scenic Park, Springhill, Tudor, Williwaw, Wonder Park
  • Alternate/Charter: Benny Benson, Chinook, iSchool, King Career Center, Whaley
  • Itinerants: Attend with your assigned "home" school

Monday, January 22nd @ 7pm:

  • High Schools: Chugiak, Eagle River
  • Middle Schools: Begich, Gruening
  • Elementary Schools: Alpenglow, Baxter, Chester Valley, Chugiak, College Gate, Fire Lake, Homestead, Lake Hood, Lake Otis, North Star, Nunaka Valley, Ravenwood, Rogers Park, Turnagain, Willow Crest
  • Alternate/Charter: Aquarian, Birchwood ABC, Boniface Education Center, Eagle Academy, Eagle River, Northwood ABC, Stellar, Susitna, Winterberry
  • Itinerants: Attend with your assigned "home" school

Communicate directly with the School Board:

We also need members to send emails to School Board members ( Below is the assignment schedule for each site to send their emails. By following the schedule we will have an impressive and sustainable showing of support.

  • Jan 9 - 13: Airport Heights, Bartlett HS, Bayshore, Hanshew MS, O'Malley, Springhill, Tudor, Whaley
  • Jan 14 - 18: Benny Benson, Gladys Wood, Kincaid, King Career Center, Mears MS, Mirror Lake MS, Ocean View, Rabbit Creek, Scenic Park, Taku
  • Jan 19 - 21: Chinook, Klatt, Ptarmigan, Sand Lake, South HS, Wendler MS, Williwaw, Wonder Park
    • Itinerants: Email with your assigned "home" school