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Important Bargaining Update: Vote on Tentative Agreement

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Important Bargaining Update: Vote on Tentative Agreement

The AEA Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the Anchorage School District for the 2017-18 school year.  Below is a summary of the significant negotiated contract language changes and the actual TA.

The Bargaining Team has worked for the last two years to address the concerns brought forth by our members.  The Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) process allowed the team to take a more comprehensive approach to negotiations and address a much wider array of workplace issues than they would have been able to otherwise.  We did not achieve all of our goals, but this agreement goes a long way towards reducing stress in the workplace, providing more autonomy, and some additional stability for our members moving forward.

It was our hope to negotiate a multi-year contract, but could not come to terms which we could bring to our members for consideration beyond the first year.  We understand that the financial terms of this agreement, in particular, may fall short of some members' expectations, but the team felt that it was better to lock in these language and benefit gains than to be at odds all year long under the previous contract terms as we slogged through mediation, arbitration, and possibly worse - with no guarantee of better outcomes.  This agreement allows members to focus on their students' success and AEA to direct our organizing efforts towards the larger problem of the state's overall fiscal uncertainty.  Our best chance at achieving a long term solution is for AEA and ASD to both actively work towards FULL public education funding over the next several months.

The team has signed the TA, and the AEA Board of Directors last night voted to recommend ratification, but it is our members who ultimately decide whether to accept these terms or not.  Here is the timeline for that process:

  *   Please take the time to read the summary and TA fully.  Thank you for your critical analysis and thoughtful consideration of the TA in its entirety.
  *   We invite you to attend one of the four all-member meetings, currently being scheduled, in order to meet with the Bargaining Team and ask questions on November 20, 21, 27, & 28, 2017, from 4:30-6:30pm, (locations TBA, pending facility availability, but will likely be held in high school auditoriums).
  *   An on-line vote will be conducted from 12:01am, Monday, November 27th, through 5pm on Wednesday, November 29th.
  *   The result of the vote will be released the following day, 11/30.
  *   If membership votes not to ratify, bargaining will continue with mediation.
  *   If membership ratifies the TA, it will be forwarded to the ASD School Board for approval.  It will first appear on the Non-Action Agenda at their December 4th meeting and then voted on as an Action Item at their December 18th meeting.
  *   Assuming School Board approval, we would be able to start the new semester off fresh under the terms of the new contract and bargaining would resume in April 2018.