Anchorage EA

Support our Students and get Some Holiday Help!

Anchorage EA
Support our Students and get Some Holiday Help!

Fresh Flowers Arranged by Students!

With proper care and water, this arrangement (17”H x 14”W) will hold its color and petals
throughout the Thanksgiving holiday and 2-3 weeks beyond.
$35 - $45 depending on delivery options
Order for yourself or a friend online at

The 5/6 class in the Bowman Elementary Open Optional Program received a $1000 start-up grant from Real World Scholars, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship in schools across the nation.

The students are doing hands-on learning about economics. They decided on their business name, 907-Bobcats, after research and surveys. The manufacturing team took a Saturday flower arranging class to learn how to make the first product, a Thanksgiving centerpiece of fresh flowers. After a product survey, they bought enough fresh flowers to make 80 floral arrangements. They’ve already sold 64! They will be creating the arrangements at Alaska Wholesale Flower Market. Delivery options are available.

The students also are working in collaboration with the kindergarten class to make Handprint Turkey Art Cards, sharing the proceeds with the kindergarteners.

New products will be on the site after Thanksgiving, as this business will continue throughout the year.. The proceeds from all sales will be used to cover costs, for class field trips in the spring, and to donate to charities as part of their community service philosophy.

All their products are available from their on-line store