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Elementary Math Night Session Information

Kristie Benson
For math night I plan to share a few helpful hints and activities for teaching time and money for 2nd grade.

Michelle Eicher
The Grab-and-Go!TM Kit is a collection of literature, activities, and games that can be used in the math classroom. The Kit’s ready-made components minimize preparation time for you and provide engaging and fun-filled ways for your students to review and reinforce valuable math skills.

Brittany Blackwell
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents! Oh, my!
Audience: Grade 3-6 Teachers)
Students seem to struggle with the parts of whole numbers all throughout their math life. This session aims to show you the tools provided to support students tackling fractions, decimals, and percents. Some tools may be fractions bars, fraction cards, base ten blocks, and more! Conceptually understanding fractions is one that many students struggle with. Come check out what tools you have to help them feel confident when learning about fractions

MaryLee Tung
Pattern blocks are all color coded which is nice, but not when learning shapes since color is the first way we sort.  I am currently making a class set of unicolor two-dimensional shapes for my class as part of our afternoon math routine.  Also, base ten blocks (which I actually use with my kinders), pattern blocks, place value charts, unifix cubes, etc.