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The first two months…

Anchorage EA

AEA has been back at work for two months now and what a whirlwind it has been! President Wojtalewicz has been working on improving internal practices as well as communication with the Anchorage School District. Here is an update on what AEA leadership (President, committees, events etc.) has been doing:

Note - This list is not necessarily exhaustive and is meant solely for the purpose of keeping AEA Members advised on the things AEA leadership – to include the President, Board, Individual Board Members and Committees – has been working on. Not every single meeting is listed.

-Attended ASD new hire orientation*
11-12: AEA Good Teaching Institute @ Bartlett HS*
13: AEA’s ESSA Action Team Meeting*
17: AEA Members first day back at school!
22: ASD classes begin
      Anchorage Chamber’s State of the City Mayoral Address*
23: Evaluation team CEED Review*
27-18: AEA Board Training*
30-31: Bargaining Training*

5: Labor Day
6: AEA Rep Council*
7: AEA SpEd Committee Meeting
     AEA Professional Development Committee Meeting
8: NEA-Alaska Board Listening Tour Training*
9: NEA-Alaska Board participates in AEA Listening Tour*
9-10: NEA-Alaska Board Meeting*
10-11: NEA Time to Learn Campaign – Chicago
14: Communications Committee Meeting*
15: AEA/ASD Prof. Develop. Monthly Collaboration*
     AEA New Member BBQ @ Kincaid Chalet*
17-18: NEA-Alaska PACE Committee Meeting*
20-21: AEA Listening Tour*
21: Internet Policy Committee
22: Bylaws Committee Meeting
24: AEA’s ESSA Action Team Meeting*
28: AEA hosted ESSA Tier 1 Stakeholder Meeting @ Fireweed Center*
     AEA PACE Committee Meeting*
29: AEA All Member Meeting*
30: ASD/AEA Ed. Excellent Joint Committee*
     AEA Evaluation Committee Meeting*
     AEA/ASD Evaluation/CEED Meeting*

4: AEA Rep Council*
5: NEA-Alaska Full time release President meeting*
     Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (CIAC) Meeting*
     AEA Professional Development Committee*
6: National School Walk-In Day! (Nation-wide event with NEA and AROS)*
     AEA SpEd Committee Meeting*

*Indicates President Wojtalewicz was in attendance   

-Several meetings with Superintendent Paramo & other ASD Leaders. Some issues in discussion: New educators, cross-district in-service, ESSA, MS Model, grading, Professional Development, rights issues, educator evaluation, ALICE and other mandatories, AEA members’ workload, elementary combo classes, SpEd, and more!
-Work on updating current AEA practice for communications: creating new website, etc.
-Response to hundreds of e-mails
-Individual member meetings (rights, bettering the profession, etc.)
-Individual sites 10 minute AEA meetings (just invite me! If I can make it I’ll come!)
-Research and discussion with other leaders across the nation (via NEA points of contact) regarding current best practice for large locals internally and externally
-Every Student Succeeds (ESSA) research, work and training/help for other Alaska locals
-Parent group meeting